“Well, no one wants to follow someone who is sitting at home at night eating mac and cheese on their couch,” my friend said, casually, and blissfully unaware of the fact that she was basically describing me.

We were chatting about the topic of influencers and their seemingly fabulous lives. I was wondering how certain people with presumably average budgets dine out all the time, especially at expensive restaurants.

Despite the fact that I can barely afford my weekly Mendocino Farms habit, this conversation was not brought up in jealousy. It was more of a “how do I get on their level” type of discussion.

The most appealing aspect of lives like that isn’t so much that Nobu is their stomping ground (although…), it’s that those perfectly curated tablescapes convey a much deeper message than “I am well fed.”

They give off a “living my best life” vibe that makes you want to be at that table, surrounded by those seemingly fun people, all of whom’s cups appear to runneth over. What is it that they have? I want that, I think.

Well, money for one. But, I think it’s about more than that. I think it’s an attitude by which they do life. It’s full of abundance and possibility. They seem to be the kind of people that grab life by the reigns and live it out loud.

Perhaps I’m giving too much credit to a meticulously curated brunch flat lay, but once I stopped taking offense to what my friend said, I realized she was right.

No one wants a life that is boring, dull, or monotonous. Nothing against the occasional night in with a bowl of mac and cheese, but as a lifestyle, that doesn’t scream inspiring.

This is hard for my introverted heart to hear, but alas. The proof is in the pudding, probably somewhere on that table. It’s also on Instagram buried under 1,000 likes.

When you’re living your life fully alive, it’s contagious. People want to be a part of it, come alongside. They want to know what you have and how they can get it.

It makes me think about life as a Jesus follower.

You won’t find the life Jesus wants for you in a box in your pantry or at home on your couch. It won’t be in the things you can predict or the places you feel safe.

A life with Jesus doesn’t guarantee fewer ups and downs or less heartache. It doesn’t protect you from ever having to face trials or challenges, roadblocks or setbacks. More often than we like, Jesus will call us out on the water with him or into the storm.

Yet, as followers of Jesus, we’re undoubtedly set apart. Whether we are feeling hashtag blessed or facing unspeakable hardship, there is fruit in our lives that is evident.

It is easy to look at someone who has the things you want and see the evidence of God’s blessings. Their hearts tend to be so overflowing with peace and joy that it spills out onto those around them through their generosity, wisdom, and confidence in God’s ability to provide.

What you don’t always see is the path it took to get them there. The hardship they faced, the desperate times they were crying out to God for what they have now, wondering if it would ever be possible.

How they bet on God time and time again despite their circumstance. How they expected Him to show up, to deliver in a way only He can. The way we praise God when we’re at the table is just as important as the way praise Him when we’re not.

If you’re in a season of longing or waiting for a breakthrough that does not seem to be coming, do not be discouraged. Instead, praise God as if it’s already yours.

Let your love spill out onto people, even when you’re hurting. Quickly forgive and pray for those who cause you suffering. Be faithful even when you’ve been betrayed.

Choose to see the best in people, always, in every circumstance. Thank God that He can be trusted with the details of your life. Press on when all seems hopeless, I promise you this is when it counts.

He knows the desires on your heart. He knit you together with those desires in mind. He has a plan for your life that is better than anything you can dream up, and you are as worthy of a seat at the table as anyone else.

Yet, there are things we each have to walk through to learn, grow, and mature. No two paths are alike. Some are filled with hardship and provision, others appear much more straight-forward. It’s our job to keep our eyes on God and listen to what He’s telling us.

There you will find peace in the midst of heartbreak. The strength to endure any affliction. When all seems lost, you will know hope. You will have a source of joy no person or circumstance can take away.

It’s a relationship so real that it will steady your soul. When people see you they will wonder, “What is it that she has? I want that.”

Following Jesus is an adventure, the greatest one I could ever hope to be on. I have seen Him show up in my life, time and time again, in the most incredible ways.

It’s in-between those miracles though that it’s tempting to question Him. When the answers lag, doors shut, or you’re searching for something you can’t seem to find, doubt creeps in. You were walking on water a minute ago, but then you start to sink.

That is when we have to be aware of His presence. In the middle of our circumstance, for better or worse, remind yourself He is with you.

Turn to Him before you turn to anyone else. Trust Him when the odds are against you. Lean on His word for direction. Rely on His grace to start new every day. As much as you’re aware, make choices that stem from love.

Because this storm won’t always be here; this season, too, will pass.

And people will remember how you handled it, how you treated them in the middle of it, how much faith you had when things seemed hopeless. One day you will be at the table and this will be a part of your story.

Let it be a story that people can see God in. We may, after all, be the only glimpse of God someone has. Are we living our lives in a way that would make them want to know who He is?

Or are we sitting at home, eating mac and cheese?

Photography: Maddie Broderick of Madeline Broderick Photography

Photoshoot Assist: Tiffany Le

At The Table

It’s a relationship so real that it will steady your soul. When people see you they will wonder, “What is it that she has? I want that.”

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